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Welcome News for UAE Football and Expatriates - Ali's Words

Football fans in UAE it is time to rejoice! The long-awaited news that many coaches and young athletes had been waiting for has finally been announced. The UAEFA has allowed ex-pat leagues to connect with the Dubai Sports Council league. Players representing local clubs can now make it to the national team hence opening up windows of opportunity for youth all over the UAE to become part of the UAE professional league. This paves the way for more players, coaches, and everyone related to the sport to be part of professional football. No doubt, this decision will be a game changer for UAE football. It translates into more talent emerging, tougher competition, and overall growth and development of the football game in the UAE

For a long time in Dubai, the ex-pat leagues couldn’t be part of the UAE professional leagues. Considering that most of the population in Dubai (almost 90%) comes from different parts of the world this prevented countless youngsters from grooming their talents to their full potential and denied them many opportunities. Over the years, a huge pool of talent from all over the UAE was completely ignored. The missed opportunities for the young talent were a huge loss for UAE football as well. But now this will be a thing of the past thanks to this decision welcomed by the lovers of the game.

The thought behind this wise decision is that the Dubai Sports Council will run ex-pat leagues and the teams that perform well will make it to the professional leagues at the youth level. This is a momentous milestone in UAE Football. It will certainly bring about a positive change, the impact of which will be seen in years to come. By giving access to more people, it widens the pool of talented players who can now play and practice in well-structured programs and can be trained by high-quality coaches. This increases the chances of developing elite players.

Hats off to the people who made this happen. Thanks to them the future of football is much brighter in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We will hopefully see promising young talent emerging from our part of the world.

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