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Where Are the Female Coaches? - Ali's Words

We’re currently in the process of recruiting a female coach to build our girl football program further. The interest in football on the part of the girls in Dubai is increasing by the day. And although we have quite a strong and competitive program, we do not have a female coach yet.

So we advertised a vacancy for a female coach for our program and were surprised to see ten male coaches show up for the job instead. So my question is: where are the female coaches? The few ladies that showed up for the interview were too young and inexperienced for the job.

I believe that in order for girls' football to thrive, you need a strong female coach. It’s not that male coaches are incapable of coaching females. Coach Fawad and I have both done it and delivered positive results. However, I feel that young girls need to have a female role model who they can look up to and take inspiration from. When mentorship comes from an individual who has taken the same route and experienced similar challenges, it has an enormously motivating impact on the players. A female coach would be in a better position to understand the young girls and give them the tips they need to overcome their weaknesses and excel in their performance.

The packed stadiums that the ongoing Women’s EURO England 2022 is witnessing are a testament to the growing popularity of the sport. But in order for girl football to grow, you need female coaches who have the talent, experience, and commitment to take on the responsibility to lead the team to victory. Without enough female coaches, girl football would not be able to realize its full potential.

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