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Why Dubai? | Ali’s Words

Dubai with its exceptional sporting infrastructure and tourism facilities has attracted a number of European football teams and players. We have seen the city become a great pool of talent for the sport and as we work hard to pre-season, hopefully, we will soon enter division 3.

We are talking to partners across Asia, Africa, and Europe we feel pride in inviting players and scouts to the emirate. Their ambition and talent get a welcome that supports their efforts as a player or a coach because Dubai offers the opportunity, like a great location to live, learn and elevate your game.

This is a very exciting time for us as we connect various cogs and make the wheel that can turn to advance the scope of Football in the region. I do attribute the success of TFA and my career to the ever-evolving city of Dubai. As we welcome players to enhance their game the city's safe, convenient and sports-friendly outlook supports us every step of the way.

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