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Why Football is the People's Game - Ali's Words

During a recent Webinar for over a hundred players, I noticed the different countries and time zones, we were speaking to players, parents, and coaches from Australia, Ghana, UK, Canada, India, Philippines and I wondered what makes the sport so universal. The fact is - all it needs is a ball! there is no need for fancy equipment or setup, no prerequisite training, and there are famous streets that have been the training grounds for some of the most iconic players who fill stadiums today.

Draw a rectangle on a wall and that's your goal, I have seen players wrap plastic bags to make a ball and that's all it takes 22 players to spend a few hours playing the sport that is loved universally. There is also something very simple and obvious about the rules and points, unlike cricket ( never understood it) or tennis( why is zero score =love?) football is to-the-point, fun and that is its appeal. Kicking the ball and scoring goals are essential parts of the sport.

The simplicity of the sport is what makes it easy for players to practice even if they don't have the equipment, specialized training, or coaches, so for those of you who are dreaming of professional leagues, keep playing that's all you need. The ONLY way you lose interest is if you stop playing.

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