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Why Play in the UAE? - Dubai EPC Trials Happening Now! - Ali's Words

There was a time when Dubai was used by footballers as a location for European players to do warm-weather training in the winter months, but there has been a change in that idea. More and more players come to the UAE to play, train and live. I often ask European players why they play in Dubai. Of course, the UAE is not famous for world football, and the football market is not fully developed.

But the UAE football project is soon going to change all this. This exciting project is aimed at access and opportunities for talented players who cannot get through the European leagues. One of the many reasons is that it is difficult to get your foot in the door in European Football because of visas and other restrictions. Most countries have regulations of 3 players per country per team, but Dubai, being the successful state that it is, gives visas to almost every country, so everyone is invited to try their luck.

Since there are no restrictions based on the countries, the Dubai EPC can have up to 22 ex-pat players! Another fantastic aspect is that it has a restriction on the no of players about the age of 23, which means that the leagues will be young and will attract new players. This fresh crop will get training and recognition in the UAE and beyond.

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