Precious Goods! – Ali’s Words

Precious goods!

For many parents, football ‘classes’ are a frivolous extracurricular activity while for some(I’d like to believe most) it is a training session that they hope their kids would learn from. Whether you are merely passing time or tracking your child’s growth compulsively – I want to say, we are always humbled by the trust. Children are the most precious for any parent and to hand them over, even for a few hours each week, isn’t easy.

From toddlers who cry when they find themselves away from their parents to perpetually distracted teenagers, each child is on a journey and we simply hope that our interaction will train them to be better at football and life.

I have always believed that children who are willing to work hard on the field know deep down that their dedication will pay off and their focus brings out the best in them. Our role with the super focused children is simply to ensure that they are in the right direction with the right technique because after years of training we look after and value your precious goods – like ours.

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