Rebuilding the Team – Ali’s Words

As we move ahead from the last season, we rebuild the Team for the upcoming season. Easier said than done! I’ve known these players for a long time, but I wish for them to get an opportunity. But one has to pick the players with the right skill, temperament, and approach because, in Football, we build a team, not a player.

We interview players across the globe, speak to them over video calls and review their videos while tracing the growth of players in TFA teams to find the perfect pieces that fit the puzzle. It is an incredible thrill when these pieces fit and create a balanced and motivated team, but it takes countless discussions, and infinite rearrangements before each player are picked.

At TFA, we value talent, the fitness of mind & body, and a player’s dedication as measures of his growth. Those who make the cut will wear the jersey proudly. However, for those who don’t just know that it’s imperative to continue the journey, this time, this Team might not be the chance you were waiting for, but pursue your passion and Football won’t let you down.

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