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Since its inception, TFA has worked closely with players to guide them to the highest levels of football. TFA provides holistic football coaching by SFA & UEFA-qualified soccer coaches that support a player’s training, and our unique pathways help them achieve their academic and professional 

It is a great joy to see a player’s dreams realized as they take their rightful place on a Professional Football Team or a university of their choice with a sports scholarship. We take pride in showcasing the talent and skills of our students, and our Highlight videos are a great way to get student-athletes in front of coaches so their skills and abilities can be clearly judged.  

Dubai’s football infrastructure, passion for the game, and a pool of players from across the world make it an ideal location to play the game, hence the overwhelming availability of talent to choose from.  We understand how important it is to locate, groom and showcase young football players; that’s why we nurture and track their development regularly and use advanced training methods and positive motivation to elevate their skills. 

The game of football is based on one major prerequisite – Talented players on the field; that’s why TFA places emphasis on scouting – for Dubai EPC, for the Betis Academy on Tour, and more. We understand that identifying the right player is crucial to the success of a team, and that’s why we work closely with scouts and coaches across the globe, attracting players from over 20 countries.  We leverage videos, interviews, and one-on-one sessions to provide scouts with the information, data, and insight they need to make the right choice.

If you wish to discover new talent, promote your player or analyze our players, feel free to connect with us for more details.

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