TFA, 6 years of football excellence

Six years ago The Football Academy was formed with a simple aim – to provide opportunities for young soccer players to train and compete in Dubai and internationally.

Today, TFA has worked with nearly 1000 players and is recognized for providing the most comprehensive football coaching in UAE through its team of professional SFA & UEFA-qualified soccer coaches. We pride ourselves on carving pathways for athletes that lead them to professional football and academic opportunities. More than anything else we are humbled by the trust placed on us by parents, teachers, schools, and players to guide the future of children – that is our most prized achievement.

We started on a mission to develop soccer skills, as well as maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect, and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence, and cultivating a lifelong passion for the beautiful game of soccer. Our commitment to player development goes beyond the technical and supports the mental foundation upon which their personalities benefit from the team dynamic, confidence, and patience that football teaches.

Every day we aim to boost football, not merely as a sport, but as a tool that can influence society positively and constructively.’

Ali El Jishi, Founder and COO. The Football Academy, Dubai.

Football is not merely a sport aimed at kicking a ball through a net, it’s a source of crucial life skills like teamwork, patience, acceptance , confidence, and resilience. We work with players as young as 3 years and notice that their personalities develop with each session, each game, and each year. Our senior-most players are coached not just on the strategy, tact, and agility but motivation and focus because playing football is an opportunity to grow holistically.


Little Boots Programme


We provide the opportunity for young children to be fit through fun games and interaction. At Little Boots, we help small children establish better coordination, balance, and agility. These fun classes act as the perfect complement to football training as kids below 7 start to participate and enjoy the high-energy program.




Junior’s Team


The Juniors Programme (age 6-15 years) is critical because it focuses on the age group where children with the skill to become professionals are first noticed and mentored with seriousness. Our team will be participating in the GOTHIA cup in 2022!





Girl’s Teams


We firmly believe that girls and women football has an amazing talent that must be enhanced to help the players establish themselves professionally. We have a vibrant girls’ team that brings us glory in almost every championship that they participate in. Their skill, dedication, and hard work on the pitch is magnified by the support of their parents and we hope that they continue to grow in football and reach professional excellence.



Senior’s Team


The Seniors Team of TFA is a serious space for committed players who have dedicated focus and time to the game and wish to elevate the game to a professional league. The senior team or EPC (Elite Performance Center) is the focus of tact, strategy, and training. Made up of future professional players, Dubai EPC is the for the players with a passion to take over the most competitive opponents in football.




Pathways to higher education & career


In 2019, TFA became a UAE pioneer by creating PATHWAY2PLAY, designed to help players reach their professional and academic goals. We have successfully placed many players in universities across Europe, Canada, and the UK under the pathway2university and guided many athletes to professional and semi-professional leagues under Pathway2PRO. Giving back to the community and becoming a part of the success stories.



Coach Training and Education

TFA pitch


TFA in collaboration with the Scottish FA (SFA) offers all the courses from Introduction to Coaching Level 1.1 to Level 1.3, Children’s coaching, GoalKeeping coaching, Futsal Coaching, Main Youth and Adult Coaching. Coaching is a personal vocation, each session is an extension of a person who is sharing his/her life learning to help players do better. The courses and certifications for coaches showcase how a person’s personality merges with the idea of teaching and football and ultimately with the idea of supporting a player.


One-on-one training sessions

One on One Private training, where a professional instructor guides a single individual through a planned and coordinated session, is done with precision and strategy. Ideal for professional players seeking to practice and young athletes hoping to learn in a more focused manner.





Betis Academy on TOUR

Would you like to experience Real Betis
Aims to give football players between 16 to 23 the chance to showcase their talent in front of international scouts and coaches. We have worked with AC Milan and Juventus coaches in the past, and our current program, “REAL BETIS ACADEMY ON TOUR” provides young players the genuine opportunity to get scouted and play professionally.




Dubai EPC

We envision Dubai EPC growing to one of the best professional football leagues in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai EPC’s team has demonstrated that it has the right caliber of talent & coaching expertise. Our players benefit from experienced FA-qualified coaches, modern teaching methods, and world-class infrastructure allowing us to continue towards success. We formed EPC because, despite talent, the teenagers with a serious commitment to the sport miss the chance to reach higher professional football due to a lack of direction for players in the age group of 15-18 years.


Here’s to the future of TFA, we look forward to supporting players in achieving their dreams. Reach out to talk about how football can boost your confidence, get you healthy, support your education or launch you to the professional stage.

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