TFA Gears Up To Showcase Exceptional Talent with Real Betis on Tour

The Football Academy, Dubai has teamed up with the Spanish Betis Academy to showcase the world’s best talent at the world’s centre stage. Betis Academy, home to some of the most promising talents, has been the most sought after opportunity for thousands of players to compete and achieve their dreams. Coach Ali El Jishi, Founder and COO of TFA is a seasoned and committed professional, who brings an extensive experience in the management of football teams and developing programs like Pathway2PRO, takes us through his own words on what it takes to develop a successful training methodology. Read what time is thursday night football tonight?

‘As a player since the age of 16, I am grateful for choosing football for my career. In all these years I have observed that the game of football has grown from just a sport to a platform that teaches discipline, camaraderie, and the basics of fitness to every enthusiast. An ambitious soccer player’s biggest dream is to play in the popular leagues. But to achieve that goal requires guidance from the world’s best coaches and international exposure, fueled by immense passion, discipline and mentorship. Partnering with the Real Betis for the 2022 tour will pave the journey of the best soccer players so that they can explore their future in the sport as a professional,’ Ali said.

The ‘Betis Academy on Tour’ is going to serve as an enhanced opportunity for the top 18 players who will get the golden chance to visit the Betis Academy in Spain and live their dream. The lucky ones might bag the opportunity to secure a professional contract. But for an athlete, it takes a lot more than just performing on-ground practising sessions. As football is a physically demanding game, our first training methodology starts by offering them personal guidance to strengthen them both as a player and a person.

“The game of football has immense potential in itself that improves speed, strength, agility, hand-eye coordination and overall cardiovascular stamina of a player. We focus on their mobility, flexibility, strength and core. It is essential to improve their fitness level in the right way.”
Ali El Jishi
Founder at TFA

Coach Fouad Hafid, Head of TFA shared a story about a devoted man who prayed to win the lottery every day. For weeks, months, years, and all his life, the man prayed that he would win the lottery. On his death-bed, God appeared to say three words, ‘Buy the ticket.’ ‘It’s funny because it’s true – there are thousands of athletes who are just as dedicated to their training and dream of becoming the next Messi, but football does not have a lucky ticket – it does, however, have opportunities. I consider it my responsibility and honour as a Coach to carve pathways young players walk on to reach their full potential. As the official partners of the ‘Real Betis on Tour,’ we will travel across four continents and give thousands of players the chance to showcase their skill for the opportunity of a lifetime – playing PRO,’ he commented.

Coach Fouad added that as a seasoned professional and a devoted football fan, he understood how difficult it can be for a kid to access the opportunity to show their skills in front of scouts and coaches from some of the best academies of the world. ‘But gone are the days when the athletes were enrolled on the basis of their physique. We enrol athletes based on their skillset. The tour is unique to my heart because those who buy the ticket have an answer to their prayers,’ he said. The lucky winners have a chance to go to the Real Betis Academy in Spain in an all-expense-paid trip and play to win a position in the Professional Leagues.

Betis Academy On Tour will be available for more than 100 footballers, aged between 16 and 23 years old, who will be able to improve their footballing skills during the camp. Apart from the camp itself, trips to Seville will be organised so the players can enjoy VIP Betis Experience through the program ‘Behind The Scenes’.

The camps will be launched together with The Football Academy (TFA Dubai) “Real Betis have a long history dedicated to football. They are in the top five in LaLiga, and we are pleased to work closely with them. Betis are a club with a vision for the future and partnering with them for ‘Betis Academy On Tour is an absolute honour for TFA. We believe that this partnership will give unprecedented opportunities for young footballers to boost their sporting career,” explained Ali El Jishi.

Real Betis has a long history of dedication to Football, as the number 5 in the La Liga. Being the official partner of the ‘Real Betis on Tour’ is an absolute honour for TFA. We feel that this partnership will give unprecedented opportunities to young athletes to accelerate their career. This is a great opportunity to take Betis to new regions. I am excited to see months of hard work culminating into an epic talent hunt across the globe. I can’t wait to witness the amazing football that the fresh talent will showcase.  As a coach and a football fan the game is above everything else, so as we look for the next champions, I  am sure that fresh talent will elevate the game.

Here’s what TFA’s Senior Coach Danny Guthrie said about preparing for the TOUR:
– If you are looking to impress, it’s best to practise on the field and also study the game at home. Often analysis of your game’s recording can help you visualise the issues and tackle them better. It’s best to have a trusted coach with you to give you the right guidance.
– A healthy diet, sleep and rest are equally important. We often forget that sports are a display of our physical fitness and mental agility as both of these need to be healthy. So ensure that you are eating well and giving sufficient rest to your body as well as mind. 

– Don’t forget the dates and passes, carry the important things on the date. Might seem obvious but bring your documents and passes when you are coming to the camp.

– Football is a team sport and it becomes a fun-filled game when played with friends. But it becomes exciting when you are offered a discount by referring a friend. Sounds fun now? So bring your buddies along and avail the 10% discount for the referral. 

– Last but not the least, clear your mind before you perfect the kick. Football is as much about strategy and focus as it is about hitting the ball to the right place. 

  • Mark your calendar for the 2022 TOUR locations. The matches will be held at Iceland on 6, 7 and 8 June followed by Norway on 15, 16 and 17 July, the Philippines on 25, 26 and 27 August, and Dubai on 8,9 and 10 September. As Iceland is popular for producing the most talented football enthusiasts, who knows you could be the next big talent recruited by Real Betis!

Millions of athletes play football but barely make it beyond the neighbourhood grounds, not due to lack of skill but due to lack of opportunity. Don’t let this chance pass. Sign up now and claim your right to be a professional footballer. Your talent is the only prerequisite!

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