TFA Program

The Football Academy runs a comprehensive soccer training program for Student Athletes.

Our holistic approach to teaching football begins with sport psychology and our monthly classes covering all the essential topics affecting sports performance - from positive thinking and power of focus to time management and sleep! 

When it comes to practice and play we adopt an academic style to soccer.

Our football curriculum is prepared pre-season with a very intentional and organized approach offering to our students’ insights into how to think, understand, anticipate and prepare for each match. Throughout the academic year our players receive a personalised webinar covering each specific subject being taught by the coaches and practiced by the players.

On the pitch we deliver two weekly sessions of 2 hours each - Wednesdays and Fridays from 5pm to 7 pm.

In addition to the technical and tactical dimensions of the game all our sessions emphasise on fitness with a 30 min. work on Speed - Agility - Quickness (SAQ) 

At TFA we believe that the best coach is the actual game. Therefore, we participate in the most competitive leagues in UAE and teach our players to develop a taste for competition and victory. At TFA we have a saying “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. We are convinced that the more we compete the more we improve which is why our match schedule is often booked in advance! Beyond the local matches, we involve our players in international Events, ID Camps and Tours abroad with the goal to expose our athletes to soccer scouts, help them obtain college scholarship, and get a step closer to a career in football.

In sum, it is our mission to prepare elite athletes for success during their tenure at TFA and beyond.