The FA learning : Level 1

The Football Association (FA) is the governing body that is responsible for the control and development of all football in a country. The members of the FA includes the clubs and national team. Every country has its own Football Association that governs their clubs and national team following the terms and rules of the UEFA. From club teams, to league matches, to national team and also coaching qualifications. All academies, clubs and national team has to follow the rules and regulations of the FA that follows FIFA rules.

FA education in Scotland

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) is the governing body of football in Scotland. It was formed in 1873, making it the second oldest national football association in the world.

Being the second oldest National Football Association in the world, the SFA has lined up multiple courses for candidates to start their journey as certified football coaches.

These courses range from Children’s Pathways, Main (Youth and Adult) Pathways, Goal Keeping Pathways, Futsal Pathway and specialist coaching courses that includes Talent ID and Performance Analysis.

All coaching Pathways starts with an introduction course to coaching level 1.1, from that the Pathway continuous from Level 1.2(certificate), Level 1.3 (award), Level 2 and above becomes a License. In addition to these pathways the SFA offers special courses such as: early years, coaching para footballers, physical preparation, continuous coach development and continuous professional development.

Who can take the FA Education

The FA education is eligible for anyone who is 16+ years old. It is for candidates who wants to learn how to teach and become a football coach and Ex-Pro players who wish to continue their careers in football. The FA education offers a wide variety of courses that suit all candidates and guides them to a pathway of learning, experience and developments.

Why Dubai for FA Education

As being the most developed and quickly rising city in the world. Dubai geographic location being in the Gulf region and considered to be a main hub for tourists. Secondly its a multi-national and multi-cultured country hosting a lot of foreigners from different countries around the world. Dubai’s fantastic and state of the art facilities for football and it’s national having a passion for football. Most importantly Dubai grants visas to all nationalities. The ease of transport and everything is almost electronic. People can order almost anything through a push of a button through online application on mobile phones. From food, to Taxis, to medicines, to bank access and other governmental directory.

Courses TFA offers

TFA in collaboration with the Scottish FA (SFA) will offer all the courses from Introduction to Coaching Level 1.1 to Level 1.3, Children’s coaching, GoalKeeping coaching, Futsal Coaching, Main Youth and Adult Coaching. In addition to extra courses provided to coaches to increase their knowledge and experience. TFA also offers great sport facilities for both theoretical and practical, it also offers good rates guidance, support and full kits. TFA will welcome all candidates from all over the world.

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