The Icelandic Magic – Ali’s Words

Iceland is the most dedicated country I have ever seen. As a football fan, I am amazed at how a tiny nation braves the extreme cold and 20-hour nights! The indoor facilities developed by Iceland’s football association (KSI) are splendid! There are over 30 full-size all-weather pitches, seven of which are indoors, and almost 150 smaller artificial turfs, but more remarkable is the spirit with which players play for the Real Betis on Tour trails.

I always say that football is so popular because it needs no facilities. A ball and half a carpet are enough to get started. Dubai’s infrastructure always made me feel pampered, but Iceland’s is an eye-opener! We saw a tremendous fighting spirit, flawless tact, and impressive dedication to the sport.

No wonder this small island’s football team is a champion! Every player I saw was one. As we move to the following destinations in Norway, the Philippines, and UAE, I hope that we can witness the same passion for the game.

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