Things to Consider Before You Enroll in Football Coaching

Checklist for selecting the best football academy in Dubai.

As a parent, you wish your little one to score the winning goal…we do too! But before we celebrate the glorious kick, we must start with training, coaching, practice, and most importantly finding an academy that can guide, educate and motivate your champion. Let’s evaluate some important points before you type – “football academies near me”. To consider any football academy in UAE, you must ensure that the below points are covered.

Live Action at The Football Academy

Before you start scrolling, ask yourself –

  • Does the academy offer personalized attention or do they have 100 players for each coach in each class?
  • Where are the football academies in Dubai located and how are their facilities?
  • Do they have an advanced plan – in case your kid has what it takes to be the next Messi?
  • Is the academy holistic or only field-practice oriented?
  • Are their coaches well trained and certified and how long have they operated?

Why TFA?

There are many football academies in UAE with sessions and special training methods. However, at The Football Academy Dubai we leave no stone unturned when it comes to personalized attention in each session, every time, and for every player.

TFA Dubai (The Football Academy) trains its members in every minor aspect of soccer. This includes dribbling, shooting, crossing, heading, tackling; making it the most advanced football training program. It doesn’t end here! Since our start in 2016, the TFA considers your child’s personality even outside the game to ensure comprehensive growth of mind and body. Our motto is to provide a 360-degree approach to give the best training, guidance, and direction to all the TFA players for success on the field and in life.

Age Groups

It is essential that coaching is tuned for every kid’s age and level. From small batches of the same age and talent to one-on-one sessions ensure that each child can work on his/her strengths and weaknesses. TFA Dubai covers the age groups from nursery to 18,  where we focus on every member equally as an individual as well as part of the team. This also ensures continuity of coaching to ensure that we can launch our toddler team stars to a Professional Career.

Team Chemistry

Football is a team sport, each player stands out in a specific role while integrating with the strategy that favours the team. Friendships and strategies of the game teach valuable life lessons and we encourage each player to apply the learnings throughout their life. Our football academy carefully trains every member to be a spirited team player with the outlook of a world-class athlete.

In-depth Knowledge

To know a game thoroughly, the player needs to know everything in theory as well as on the field. Football in UAE is competitive and we ensure resources and guidance to the players so that each question is answered and each game is discussed. In addition to the sessions, we also curate special soccer webinars. These webinars are easy to grasp details on how to build tactics, attack, and the tips and tricks of ball possessions. Check out the details here.

Game Strategy & Nutrition

A football academy that focuses on various game strategies but ignores nutritional aspects is an incomplete game plan for your child to excel. We don’t limit our education to the strategies of winning games but ensure that players treat their fitness as a holistic goal. In soccer , it is crucial that a player’s diet match his training and fitness levels, this is done with sharing knowledge and insights, not strict diets! That’s why every player learns about the very significance of nutrition; basic insights on what is “good food and bad food.”

Personalized Attention & Pathway to Higher Education

With the most professional FA & UEFA qualified soccer coaches, our staff provides the best football coaching in Dubai. TFA creates the pathway to higher education for all the players of the 14+ age group. Many academies and clubs claim, but we can share our achievement with the success of the Pathway to College program where players with potential and a vision to succeed, get curated guidance to elevate their game which in turn leads them to college admissions.

How do we do, what we do?

We ensure that each player’s game is evaluated, improved, and enhanced by ensuring that the teams play matches with international-level players on a regular basis. At the Football Academy Dubai, we teach your child the A to Z of gaining confidence over mind and body. We examine and build team tactics with organizational skills.

We actively work to elevate football talent using personal training, strategy, and physical education. At TFA, we firmly believe that mental and physical developmental milestones go hand in hand and whether you are training a toddler or a professional the game is only as good as the players.

We believe that learning does not stop at the field, we build confident players who learn to value friendship, fitness, and their future. Register with us, and we will arrange for a one-on-one session on the field for the Messi-in-making.

UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) certified courses where players master the art of transition, counter-attack, tactical aspects, fluid movement, and many more. ‘

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