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The Scottish Football Association (FA) is the governing body that is responsible for the control and development of all football in the Scotland. The members of the FA include all clubs and the national team. Every country has its own Football Association that governs their clubs and national team following the terms and rules of the UEFA.


All UEFA coaching trainings have the same path. Starting from Introduction to Coaching and all the way to Pro License, goalkeeping license, youth development, Futsal and becoming a referee.


The Scottish Football Association (FA) have made it easier for candidates to follow a path-away they wish to take. With highly knowledgeable and highly experienced instructors, candidates will receive the best information that allows them to grow and move forward to the next step.


From webinars, to online courses, practical work and study materials is the way for candidates to receive their coaching certifications and license.


The FA education is eligible for anyone who is 16+ years old. It is for candidates who wants to learn how to teach and become a football coach and Ex-Pro players who wish to continue their careers in football. The FA education offers a wide variety of courses that suit all candidates and guides them to a pathway of learning, experience and developments. The main course to begin the coaching is the Introduction to Coaching or previously called FA Level 1. Upon candidates completing the Level 1 course they will be eligible to move forward to next course.

About TFA

The Football Academy (TFA) is a multi-cultured soccer academy based in Dubai. Their team will guide talented players into playing the highest level of football with style and commitment. Their curriculum provides a full-scale football learning platform for all ages and tackles all aspects of the game. This includes a strong focus on developing the player’s personality and educating them about life.


The success of the Football Academy is built around the quality of their coaching. The coaches are qualified FA & UEFA license and experienced from different nationalities. They all bring different ideas and cultures with one mission; develop our game.


Our Success over the past five years has been built on our passion to coaching, we are excited to bring this full coaches program to the middle east.


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