FA Level 2: UEFA C License

The FA Level 2 course which will change into UEFA C License in 2022, is the next step into your coaching path after completing the FA Level 1. The FA Level 2 or the UEFA C License is a continuation to the Level 1 that goes into more details around the session’s setup and coach’s approach to players.

This course will combine e-learning, mentoring and on pitch development to help and shape the candidate’s own philosophy as football coaches. It will also introduce the candidates to an appreciation of the principles of the game, both attacking and defending, how to utilize this knowledge for invasion games.

The course is underpinned by the ethos of allowing the players to feel included, empowered and to be able to make mistakes. It is about designing relevant game-like practices with plenty of decision-making that enables the players to practice in an environment that’s positive and enjoyable. This course is designed to prepare learners for employment as a football coach with the ability to put these key ideas into practice.

After the completion of the UEFA C License (FA Level 2), the candidate will receive a certificate and will also be applicable to apply for UEFA B license.

How to Apply?

Candidates must be 18+ years old. Regardless of their experience as a coach will complete an online application form with The Football Academy (TFA) Dubai, through their website: www.tfauae.com/uefa-education, then follow the steps. Due to the limited spaces the course will be on a first come first serve basis. The candidates will only be accepted upon making a deposit which will be 50%.

After completing the online application a meeting with a TFA Coach where the application and the candidate is assessed through his knowledge, experience and expectations. The assessment will allow the instructors to have a clear vision on the character and personality of the candidates to ensure a proper approach to the feedback and comments.

Why Choose TFA?

TFA is a licensed Football Academy that not only aims at developing and improving players skills but also looks into the development of coaches. For future players, TFA puts their coaches on a continuous learning program to develop their knowledge and experience of the game. Coaches undergo coach the coach webinars and shadow head coaches to have a greater picture on how to set-up and approach a session. With it’s multi-national members with different background, knowledge and experience, TFA gathers all these ideas and ways of coaching into a curriculum for the players to have the best football sessions.

Salary expectations

An FA Level 2 License holder with a fee years of work experience will allow candidates to get a salary of 8 to 10k AED a month depending on the academy and role.

Academies in Dubai

With the FA Level 2 License, candidates will not only be eligible to work in football Academies but will also be able to work in football clubs in the second or third division as an assistant coach.

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    Course Overview

    Minimum Age:

    Course Duration:
    145 hours (total qualification time) / 73 hours (guided learning)

    AED 9,750