What’s the Right Age for Football – Ali’s Words

Parents often ask what the right age to start playing Football is? Short answer-as soon as they can kick! While most of the good plates I see nowadays seem to have started around 7/8 years of age, it’s never too early or late. I say with pride that I can predict future athletes by observing toddlers that might pick a football or hit it with a bat because, even at that age, despite the wrong technique – you can spot the kids with a sense of balance, agility, and tact. But that does not mean that you should not start at 8 or 15; you can jump on the football train at any age, but playing sports or having some activity is very helpful.

Football is a physical game; kids who are fit and energetic can handle the intensity of the sport. Being a team sport takes a mindset of motivation and teamwork, which is quickly learned when small kids play in groups regularly. The game welcomes one and all.

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