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Every Football Champion started as a kid who was just curiously kicking the ball, it is not until a coach elevates the talent with precision and guidance that Legendary athletes are born. At TFA we take pride in how our coaches curate personalized training for players. Our coaches come from different parts of the world, equipped not only with the relevant professional certifications but a diverse coaching and playing experience, developed over the years, that enhances our rich, comprehensive learning curriculum. TFA provides the best football coaching in Dubai through its team of professional FA & UEFA qualified soccer coaches. We also undertake training sessions for players who wish to pursue the career of a football Coach, we provide training and certification at FA1.


Coach Ali

Ali El Jishi

Founder and COO

Palestinian - British

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Coach Fouad Hafid

Coach Fouad Hafid

Head of TFA Academy
French - Morrocan

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Coach Alberto Gutierrez Nieto

Alberto Gutiérrez Nieto

Coach U15 & U7

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Coach Samir Al Husseini

Samir Al Husseini

Senior Coach

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Coach Nzota Neddy

Nzota Neddy

Junior coach U7s

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Coach Jake Macphail

Jake Macphail


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Coach Foued Antir

Foued Antir

Coach U9 Red

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Coach Alaadine El Alaoui

Alaadine El Alaoui

U14 Coach

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