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TFA’s women and girls teams are envisioned to be the space for players to learn, practice & ace their talents with personalized training, certified coaches, and a holistic approach to becoming Champions. Our mission is to provide training in a challenging environment where girls can develop their football skills with TFA coaches who believe in delivering a better future for players through football. 

We firmly believe that girls and women's football has amazing talent that must be enhanced to help the players establish themselves professionally. We have a vibrant girls’ team that brings us glory in almost every championship that they participate in. Their skill, dedication, and hard work on the pitch are magnified by the support of their parents and we hope that they continue to grow in football and reach professional excellence.

It is a myth to suggest that women’s football is not global as it has a growing presence in more than 138 countries. Women’s football is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and TFA is proud to be the home for Women’s and Girl's Football in Dubai.

  • Football offers the pathway to sports, camaraderie, and fitness.

  • Pathway to women's pro football and scholarship opportunities in both the UK and USA!

  • Fitness and peak your skills by actively participating in leagues and tournaments in the UAE, and worldwide.

In addition to invaluable resources, challenging programs, competitive training, nutrition, and webinars each program is integrated with TFA’s pathways that take a player’s personal development and professional ambition to their peak. At TFA, we promote athletic progression, character development, leadership, and love for football.

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