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Hassles of Paperwork in Sports Management - Ali's Words

Updated: Aug 2

When you are taking the big step of entering a team into the professional pyramid of course you expect formal paperwork and red tape. But never did I envisage the lengthy paperwork and endless processes that were required every step of the way to enter this. I found the experience to be very frustrating, time-consuming as well as expensive.

You have to follow all the rigid processes and everything is documented which I can understand is required to put everything in order and have a proper system in place. Many of us who started off in the amateur leagues always complained about lack of professionalism and unorganized systems. So now while entering the professional league where everything is highly regulated and well run, we must appreciate its advantages as well.

Having said that, bureaucratic processes and red tape has its pros and cons. Where it hampers efficiency and can be very annoying, it also provides a solid structure and protects individuals with its stringent rules and regulations. The risks are decreased and there is a check and balance kept.

However, If I am honest, a balance is needed to make management procedures more effective. All these things can be made a lot easier and smoother if we cut down on ineffective and slow processes. Only administrative processes that add value should be continued and the unnecessary steps can be omitted because the entire process just holds you back. When you just want to be on the field playing football, you have to undergo the formalities of submitting all the paperwork and documents. This can be quite frustrating and definitely not something you are looking forward to, but it is unfortunately part of the bargain which comes with running a good professional league.

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