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At TFA, we believe that success in Football comes down to the strategy that a team employs a game on the field. In addition to the sessions on and off the pitch, we provide our student webinars to help players in their understanding of game tactics: defending, attack, and ball possession etc.

Why Are Webinars a Crucial Tool in Football Education:
Coaching aids like webinars help athletes overcome anxiety and performance pressure.
Focus on the tactical aspect of games with coaches’ commentary to help explain the purpose and execution.
Real matches and goals get the players’ attention before training, and the players can implement the same on the field.

”The idea behind a webinar was to talk to young players in a language that they understood. We use videos from their games with detailed voiceovers on the scope of improvement and the process for the team, “Ali Eli Jishi, founder and COO of TFA.

That is why we go beyond individual skill development and examine team tactics, preparedness, and the organizational skills needed to play effective Football. While our teams strive to compete at the highest levels of competition, TFA is fully dedicated to each player’s holistic development. We believe that sound technical knowledge and mental outlook are the foundation upon which a player’s talent is built and elevated.

Our Curriculum is built around the four cornerstones of Football: Technique, Tactics, and Physical and Mental abilities. By using the audio-visual aids in a webinar, we can connect with young players and utilize time for training our players in tactical principles of pressing, transition, counter-attack, and fluid movement.

EPC Playing from the back

Pressing from mid third block

EPC Transition attack to defense

EPC Transition defense to attack

EPC high press