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Coach U15 & U7

Alberto Gutierrez Nieto was born in Mexico. He is 29 years old. He speaks Spanish and English.

Alberto’s football career started in his early years with Cruz Azul soccer team in Mexico. Coach Alberto international experience covers playing around the globe and succeeding with amazing performances in several countries. He has American and Scotland football certifications. He has a Law Degree which he manages to combine with a football career in TFA he is able to advise coaches, U21 and U18 players of TFA.

He has 5 years of experience working and developing young athletes to their maximum level in football areas complementing wellness and psychological subjects.

Alberto is a key coach in TFA, since he has shown hard-working, passion and excels at teaching children the fundamentals of football, SAQ, core values, and so much more.

Nowadays coach Alberto is in charge of 3 teams at The Football Academy, managing more than 20 nationalities and always making sure that the players are having a good experience, playing safely, and developing to achieve their maximum potential.

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