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Founder and COO
Palestinian - British

Ali’s love affair with football began at the tender age of 10. It all started while watching ESPANA 82- the Carnival of Football. Little did he know the huge impact it would have on him for life. As the little boy watched the game he was hooked & his passion for football intensified. Jishi loved the way the sport moved people and took them through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The most amazing aspect that left a deep impression on him was how the sport unified football enthusiasts to share the pains and joys of the game.

El Jishi spent the next few years in the pursuit of this dream and played at a semi-professional level when he was only 16. The game taught him a lot of things; discipline & determination being the most important lessons which stayed with him for life.

In 2012, Ali El Jishi made a shift from playing to coaching. He chose to start his soccer coaching career from the grass root level. Jishi enrolled into the Dubai Desert Rangers club & gained his coaching badges. After some time he set up his own soccer school by the name of ‘The Football Academy.’ The mission was to have a holistic approach to educate & direct aspiring players towards a brighter future. Basically sports psychology ist the heart of its methodology.

The Academy under the disciplined leadership of Ali Eld Jishi prospered. It successfully sent many students on scholarships, saw young talents groom into professional players & experienced many wins. Everyone who walked through its doors went back with an improved version of themselves and gained positively from the esteemed football institution.

The real achievement is of course player development. With this in mind, the Academy opened its third division called the Elite Performance Center. This football club is dedicated to groom players for professional football. The EPC trains players aged 16 to 23 not just physically, but focuses on their psychological health also. Other aspects include polishing their tactics and technique to help them play as true professionals in highly competitive games.

The backbone of the academy has been the hard work of its founder who believes in leading by example. Ali with his positive attitude has steered teams to win championships and helped young athletes realize their potential. He believes that motivation is a powerful tool to push the players in the right direction. Ali himself is highly driven by the passion for the game and expects his students to have a never give up attitude if they want to emerge stronger.

Jishi goes by the belief, “Today, I am better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.” This is what keeps him going!

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