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U9 Red

Coach Foued began playing football as a child in Tunisia with Union Sportive de Tataouine and literally grew up with football. His passion for the sport led him to make it his profession because he strongly believes he can make a positive difference in the lives of aspiring footballers. Foued has obtained his FA Scottish Level 1 qualification and is currently enrolled for the FA Scottish C qualification.

Foued is all set to begin a new chapter of his career. He will be beginning his journey as a coach with TFA. He has the right skill set and the qualifications for the job, but it is his man-management skills, mental attitude and effective methodology that sets him apart. Coach Foued is excited and eager to build an environment where players are challenged to learn technical skills and teamwork while also enjoying the game. He thinks it is important to keep the fire alive in the boys because that makes them champions and he is here to develop elite players.

Coach Foued knows where to draw the line between discipline and support. His patience is his best asset. Foued believes every player learns and develops at their own pace. He is committed to giving each player the individual attention they need to perform at their best. He wants his players to be confident on the pitch and have a positive mindset.

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