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I was only six years old when I first took interest in the game of football in Alicante, Spain. My love for the sport has only grown ever since. I have always been very keen to learn more and more about the game every day. This passion and urge to excel in every aspect of football has taken me to different parts of the world. I have played football as part of various leagues around the globe. The exposure has allowed me to gain insights into different styles and techniques of play. During my time in the US, I played league football for the club, San Antonio FC. 

At 16 years of age, I also began my coaching career in the US. I gained my Level 1 football coaching from the US Soccer Federation. During my career as a coach, I have trained and polished several players and led numerous teams to victory. My Under 7 and Under 8 teams bagged many regional trophies. From league cups to northside state cups and even a national cup, my teams won them all. I myself received two consecutive Coach of the Season awards in a Texas league. Countless players that I’ve coached went on to win the Player of the Season awards. Seeing them evolve and achieve new heights makes me extremely proud and happy; it is my ultimate satisfaction as a coach. 

Now I’ve been entrusted with the job of coaching the TFA in Dubai. It’s a wonderful opportunity where I can showcase my passion and skills and put my experience and knowledge to good use while learning so much more at the same time. I’m looking forward to working with the brilliant coaches at the TFA Academy. Given their experience, knowledge, and exposure, I’m sure they can help me develop my coaching skills further so I can give my best as a football coach. 

My coaching philosophy is to help the players discover their potential and develop their skills. I give them full freedom to express themselves and demonstrate their skills while keeping a positive team spirit. This allows me to understand their psyche and their strengths and weaknesses better. According to me, the most important qualities that can take you far in your football career are teamwork, communication, problem-solving, decision making, respect, team spirit, and leadership. These are skills and qualities that every footballer must embody if they are to make it big in their career. 

Our ultimate goal as coaches is to focus on the long-term growth and development of the players and the team. Learning and evolving is a continuous process and it mustn’t pause or end for anything. It’s important to realize there is always something new to learn and there is always room for improvement. You should aim to be better than yesterday today and even better tomorrow. That’s what we strive for as coaches. We want every player to be fully equipped with all the physical, psychological, tactical, and technical skills that are important to compete in any environment, whether that’s on the field or off. 

Moving forth in my career with the TFA, I hope I can give young talent the right opportunities to showcase their skills and the help that they need to develop them further. Most importantly, I aim to build an environment where there is mutual respect, teamwork, and fun so that winning or losing does not affect the morale of any player or team. 

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