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Senior Coach

Samir Al Husseini is a true Dubai-born and raised Footballer. He has experienced sports across the stages, and his experience makes him an invaluable source of inspiration.

Samir(31) is fluent in English and Arabic. As a player, he started playing with Manchester United Academy and he had played for his university team. Before starting his coaching career as a part-time football coach with a few Local Academies. He began his full-time career in TFA, where he is a Senior Coach managing 2 teams, U9 and U11. Samir holds the Level 1 with both The English FA and the Scottish FA.

His main focus is on building core values, SAQ and Technical Abilities. As a U7 coach he was the most sought after coach for the little boots programme, due to his joyous and engaging coaching style that put little football players at ease. He has led many TFA teams to victory and we are sure to see him design many more match-winnign strategies.

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