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Football & Bullying - Ali's Words

I might be biased in my view that Football can solve almost all world problems, but I am certain that one bug it can squash easily - Bullying. It is a global issue that, goes beyond school or home and as kids spend more time alone they need a social support system - like a tribe that shares the same goals (literally).

Bullying can have a long-lasting impression on a young mind - from players who struggle to achieve excellence to those who try hard to adapt to the stress that comes with the limelight I have seen bullying dampen the spark. But football is a sport that levels the field, all languages, races, income levels, and attitudes vanish the second we reach the pitch because victory comes down to the way a team plays together.

I am proud of the way TFA coaches build teams based on respect and dignity amongst the players and are committed to paying attention to any small signs of aggression or bullying. Dubai is home to football players from all over the world and its crucial that we use sports (I meant football) as a tool to support a generation that is tolerant and empathetic.


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