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Motor skills for kids in front of devices - Ali's Words

A few years ago I saw a little boy fall face-first on the pitch, before he dusted himself running happily to his team I noticed a moment of surprise - after 3 years of childproofed life he had discovered gravity. Football is a great sport for all ages but I feel that it should be compulsory for kids below 6 years that are bombarded with video games, children’s programs, and learning apps on all their devices and cushioned room.

The overwhelming nature of the virtual world keeps them hypnotized and they don’t experience running, tackling, hand-eye coordination, and developing motor skills that are fundamental to being healthy.

As a coach and a father, I believe that growth and development are not downloaded but experienced on a field with a team. At TFA we have embraced the open weather, the teamwork, and the ‘gravity’ because kids can re-learn the simple joy of playing if young parents opt for football instead of an iPad.

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