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Why I started the EPC (Elite Performance Center) - Ali's Words

EPC, the club a place where talent and dedication thrive in a supportive ecosystem, will always be close to my heart. As I connect and collaborate across agencies, I pause to introspect what it takes to create a GOOD club.

Talented Players, Dedicated Coaches, World-class support systems, structure, sponsors, and managers all make the cut, but for me, the vision and philosophy differentiate it.

As we evolve ourselves into a professional club, we grow on the philosophy to develop young men as we nurture their ambition and their dream and help them map out their careers.

The difference between talent and career is the attitude of the player. I envision a club where we cultivate a culture that upholds a collective mentality towards growth, training, and the fantastic game of Football.

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لماذا أصبحت كرة القدم اقرب إلى تجار وهي من صنع الفقراء ترفضون. الفقراء وتقبلون الأغنياء والله اني افضل من كل لاعبيكم مجتمعين تمام

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